Livingston Site Gets in the Holiday Spirit with a Christmas Jumper Party to Raise Money for a Local Charity

The Foam Products site in Livingston celebrated Christmas with a special holiday jumper party and barbeque with local charity, First Steps Nursery, who help support children from the ages of 1 to 3 by providing food, clothing and even toys for Christmas.

To help in this wonderful cause the site sold barbeque food and deserts to the employees who were given extra time during the day to attend the event. All proceeds for the event went to First Steps Nursery, which was the charity chosen by management.

The group wore festive sweaters at a barbeque to help support First Steps Nursery and had a great turnout. The employees at the Livingston site donated money for the barbeque with all proceeds going to the charity, and it promoted a great focus on the community. Everyone was happy to help with such a great cause and eat a lot of the good food provided.

And what’s a good Christmas party without an appearance from Santa and Mrs. Clause? The famous pair greeted everyone with holiday cheer and joined in conversations and to purchase the lovely sausages, bacon and cakes on sale.

Along with a great time, everyone at Livingston is happy to have supported their community and help bring some holiday joy to people in need.

John Johnstone, Regional Operations Manager for the Livingston site said, “It is great to see that a small team of people can work together to help out our community so a big thank you to you all.”

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